No marriage is perfect...

but some have the right tools.

No More Perfect Marriages

Marriages come with high expectations that rarely align with reality. Couples often struggle to understand that their relationship issues can be worked through by understanding more about themselves and their spouses.

The Marriage Crash Course (formerly called the No More Perfect Marriages Challenge) is a free email series designed to help you discover some tools to better understand your spouse. When we change expectations and start being real, we can gain a better perspective about creating a successful marriage.

How It Works

Sign up and register for free. We send the course to you via email everyday for a week.
Take The Quiz
Take The Quiz
Several quizzes are shared throughout the course. Take the quizzes and learn about yourself and your spouse.
Once you’ve taken the quizzes, talk about what you’ve learned about yourself or each other.

During the course, you will:

  • Understand the ways you and your partner express love
  • Decrease tension in your marriage
  • Increase the compassion in your relationship
  • Encourage refreshing honesty
  • Move from frustration to fascination about your differences

About The Course Creators

Mark and Jill Savage are passionate about encouraging, educating, and equipping families.  After serving in church ministry for twenty years, the Savages are now meeting the needs of families as authors and speakers. Known for their honesty, humor, and practical teaching, Mark and Jill bring hope and encouragement to every audience.

Jill is the author of sixteen books including Real Moms…Real Jesus and No More Perfect Moms.  Together Mark and Jill have authored two books, Living With Less So Your Family Has More and No More Perfect Marriages.  The parents of five adult children, and grandparents of six, the Savage’s make their home in Normal, IL. You can find them online at

From Real Users

"The challenge not only helped me see how my husband works, and why he functions the way he does, but it helped me better understand myself and see the areas that I need to work on and also the areas I need to offer myself some grace and once again drove home the idea that our difference aren’t wrong, they are just different!"

Kerri Married 9 Years

"I really loved working through Jill and Mark's e-challenge. As a newlywed of only three months, I am a firm believer in creating a strong foundation early on to prepare and prevent some of the pitfalls everyone tells you about. I went through the challenge on my own, since my husband works a full-time job and is in the middle of completing a dual-masters program, but the individual work has completely shifted my perspective, bettering me and my marriage - particularly in a season in which patience is of the essence for a hard working husband."

Jenny Newlywed

"This challenge makes it easy to open up meaningful conversation with your spouse. Take a quiz and discuss what you learn on a date night. It's a win-win!"

Debbie Married 31 Years